Saturday, July 2, 2011

some better

Things are some better...although, the migraine pain comes and of the things that makes it so unbearable is the attitude people give you with it. Like it makes you weak or something just because you have a condition that is beyond your control. awful. Anyway, I feel some better and am taking it one day at time. Im going to talk to my dr about options and see what he says.
Thank you to everyone who has expressed love and concern towards me...I really appreciate it. I am still trying to learn to navigate around Some of it confuses me lol
Alex )O(


  1. I am so glad to hear that you're doing somewhat better. Please trust me when I say to you that you are not alone and you should not have to be made to feel "awful."

    And try not to feel too bad about Blogger. I, too, always have trouble understanding half of what their "easy to use" software is trying to instruct me to do! Of ourse, I guess it doesn't help very much when you are as "computer illiterate" and technologically impaired as I apparent seem to be! LOL!

    Blessings to you,

    Lady Caer Morganna

  2. Today, I received a Versatile Blogger Award. One of the conditions of this award is to pass it on to others (Great idea, right!) and so I have chosen your blog as I really look forward to reading and following it. And, I really wanted to show my appreciation to you for bringing both you and your blog into my life. If you are not into awards, please ignore this, otherwise, to see my post, use this link ~
    I hope that you will accept this award in the spirit with which it is passed on to you ~ with friendship and best wishes!
    Brightest Blessings always,

  3. Hello...Nice to see some male energy in the Goddess movement!!

    I have a question for you. The song in your You Tube videos "People are returning to the Ancient Ways"...where can you obtain or buy that chant? I love it and had downloaded it last year but lost it when my computer crashed...cannot seem to be able to transfer to mp3 nor even find a good copy or anything for sale...!!! Thank you!