Monday, March 1, 2010


We have been having lots of snow, which is typical of February, and it triggered a migraine which lasted off and on for over a week ugh. I had to use two sick days with work this month, but at least I had a dr on my side that I could turn to. This is the first month that I have been following the holistic and homeopathic routine that we came up with together...but February is usually a difficult month for me as far as migraines go. The migraine finally went away but now Kit and me both have colds. I am hoping I am at the end of mine. We are spending today together (the first day we have had off together in quite a while) and Kit went to the Library to get some movies for us.
Lots of changes are happening too...I am transferring to a new location with my job. Its the same company, but just a different store...change like that always makes me somewhat nervous, but I am hopeful that this change will be wonderful. Im very excited.
We just had a full moon too, which was exciting...I love the Esbats. I just wish I had felt better during this one so I could have celebrated it more fully.
Blessed Be,
Alex )O(