Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Migraine Disorder and My New Dr.

I had a Dr appointment last monday, to see if there was anything he could do about my migraine disorder. He is not only a western dr, but he also practices homeopathy and he is very holistic. I havent seen a dr in years, but he seems great and I am very hopeful about the long term benefits of treatment with him. Yesterday, we had a huge amount of snow, and I had to call into work because it triggered a migraine attack...and for the first time, I had a dr to turn to.
Years ago, when I first started getting the migraines, I went to drs of course...and they ran all kinds of tests on me and then they turned me loose with a bottle of caffeine pills and the advice to "live a stress free life". Needless to say, that wasn't helpful to me at all. After that, when I turned to other drs, I encountered a great deal of homophobia and what I consider to be abuse...so eventually I stopped going to them. I guess I thought, why continue paying for mistreatment. Of course I also didnt have insurance for a very long time either, which didnt make it any easier to access proper medical treatment. Over time, I learned to isolate some of the triggers for the migraines on my own thru research and observation of the patterns during my migraine episodes. Sometimes, they can be so severe...people who dont get them will never know the suffering and pain involved...not only in the attacks, but in the ramifications of them too, in other areas of your life. Its difficult to make plans because you never know when you will have an attack, and then of course, people treat you in all kinds of strange ways, like you are weak or hysterical or something...its a nightmare.
So now, with my new dr, we are trying a holistic approach to begin with...I now take magnesium suppliments and standardized feverfew, and a homeopathic remedy called iris versicolor when I have an attack...and we are going to see how that goes. Like I said, I am very hopeful and its good to have a dr who is willing to treat me like a human being. He seems like a very compassionate man and my first impression is that he is someone who is a true healer.
Anyway, I will do updates here from time to time about whats going on in the course of my treatment. Wish me luck.
Blessed Be,
Alex )O(