Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stop Animal Testing

Me and Kit have been vegetarian since 2003 and not for any of the health benefits of vegetarianism, although they are many. We stopped eating animals because of our love for them and our disgust at the torture and brutality of the meat industry. At our Sabbat dinners we often try to create vegan meals...even though we aren't vegan, its nice to have a dinner that is completely devoid of cruelty to animals. Recently, we began purging some of our products that we use in our everyday lives that have been tested on animals and replacing them with products from companies that refuse to torture and test on animals. During this research, I have been SO disgusted at the amount of animal testing that goes on and how it permeates almost all industries and products...its crazy and disgusting. Anyway, at some point I will be promoting lists of products and companies that are striving to be responsible and cruelty free. I am also going to be writing letters to the companies that I am "divorcing" as a consumer and telling them why.

May all creatures live in peace and safety and may we treat all beings with compassion and respect. So mote it Be.

Blessed Be,
Alex )O(

Monday, January 11, 2010

I am finally off for a day...and in a bit, I have to go grocery shopping and take care of some things while I have the chance.

Today I am thinking about all the people in my life that I love, that I rarely get the opportunity to spend time with because of my work schedule and how hectic our life is. Its rare that me and Kit have the same day off together unless we submit requests weeks in when it happens that we are off together, all I feel like doing is staying with him and spending time together. Some people in our lives, dont seem to understand how taxing that really is...which I dont understand. We have some very dear friends who really do seem to understand as well, which is awesome...but generally, people seem to expect that we somehow manifest time that isnt there lol. We have one friend, who lives in another city, who seems oblivious to the fact of our schedules and our hectic lives...and cant seem to make plans in advance with us so that we are able to schedule it, which makes it very difficult. I dont get what is difficult about making plans in advance.

A whole other aspect of this dilemma for me is the fact that I never know when I am going to have a even if I do make plans with someone, I may have to cancel. I think people generally have little understanding of migraine disorder and think "oh just take an aspirin". I know that if people understood how debilitating and awful an attack is, they would be more compassionate about least, I would hope so.

On a happier note lol later today when I am finished with errands, I am going to make the first video in my personal perspectives on Wicca series that I am doing on youtube...and I am excited about that. I think it will be lots of fun, and hopefully will create a dialogue in which much learning and exchange takes place. There are so many awesome people I have met on youtube since I began doing videos...its amazing.

Im also excited about Imbolc this year, I feel like there is a sense of Hope that is inherent in it that is really coming thru for me this year.

Blessed Be,
Alex )O(